I am a researcher. Can I use giotto-tda in my project?

Of course! The license is very permissive. For more information, please contact the L2F team.

How do I cite giotto-tda?

We would appreciate citations to the following paper:

You can use the following BibTeX entry:

      title={giotto-tda: A Topological Data Analysis Toolkit for Machine Learning and Data Exploration},
      author={Guillaume Tauzin and Umberto Lupo and Lewis Tunstall and Julian Burella Pérez and Matteo Caorsi and Anibal Medina-Mardones and Alberto Dassatti and Kathryn Hess},

I cannot install giotto-tda

We are trying our best to support a variety of widely-used operating systems. Please navigate to Installation and review the steps outlined there. Take care of the differences between a simple user installation and a more involved developer installation from sources. If you still experience issues, it is possible others also have encountered and reported them. Please consult the list of issues, including the closed ones, and open a new one in case you did not find help.

There are many TDA libraries available. How is giotto-tda different?

giotto-tda is oriented towards machine learning (for details, see the guiding principles). This philosophy is in contrast with other reference libraries, like GUDHI, which provide more low-level functionality at the expense of being less adapted to e.g. batch processing, or of being tightly integrated with scikit-learn.